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Professional Paper Goods for your Business

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Invitations & Announcements

Linvites specializes in designing and assembling invitations and announcements for professional matters. When it comes to inviting individuals to a fundraiser or gala, it is important to make the right statement starting with the first step- invitations. Here at Linvites, we understand you are busy but still want to make a good impression on clients and/or donors. We will take care of the whole process, from designing invitations to dropping them in the mail and everything in between.

Stationery & Cards

Linvites can create custom stationery and cards for you, your business, or organization. Customized stationery make for a professional background to communicate with clients. Plan to recognize employees and clients on their birthday or employment anniversary? Want to wish them happy holidays? Linvites will design stationery and cards to make those meaningful connections and show your appreciation. Don't worry about addressing, stamping, stuffing, and mailing, we will take care of the whole process.  Or we can send cards to you so you can add a personal note before mailing.


Marketing Outreach

Reach out to clients and/or donors with professional paper goods. Traditional paper mail is the best and greatest way to make an impact in today’s digital world. With concern around digital email scams, paper mail is an effective and impressive way to contact clients, grab their attention, and establish brand trust. Don't have time to stamp and stuff loads of envelopes? Linvites will take care of the entire process.

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